Only electronic submissions will be taken into consideration. You can submit your abstract through online system step by step. You must first sign up to the system with an user name (your e-mail address) and a password. Abstracts which fail to follow guidelines will not be taken into consideration. The acceptance of submitted abstracts will be announced after assessment by the scientific committee.


Submissions only proceeded via online system will be taken into consideration. You can submit your abstract using online system in www.taoms2020.org website.

1. Oral and poster presentations may be prepared in Turkish or English.
2. Abstracts should be both in Turkish and English not exceeding 250 words.
3. Abstracts for original works should include ‘objective, methods, results, conclusion’ sections, whereas case reports should include ‘introduction, case presentation, conclusion’ sections.
4. Content of presentations should not be published or presented previously.
5. The authors accept the publication of their presentations in the congress book.
6. The presenting author has the responsibility to take approval from the other authors considering content of the presentation.
7. TAOMS 2020 scientific committee will decide to accept or reject the submitted abstract.
8. Oral presentations should be planned to be 8 minutes of presentation and 2 minutes of discussion (totally 10 minutes)
9. In the title of the abstract, only the initial letters should be in capital letter. Name and surname of the authors should be written originally, abbreviations are not allowed.
10. After you upload your abstract successfully, an e-mail will be sent from the congress secretarial to confirm your submission.
11. Only abstracts adhered to submission rules will be assessed by the scientific committee. Incomplete submissions will be removed from the system by August 1, 2020.
12. Authors will be informed via e-mail considering acceptance or reject of their submissions.
13. To accept submission, the presenting author should register to the congress. Otherwise, the submission will be rejected.
14. You may ask for an acceptance letter sending a request to taoms2020@grouppartner.com.

1. The best oral and poster presentations will be awarded.
2. Presenting author should be a phD assistant or DUS assistant and not have received this award previously in TAOMS congresses.
3. Content of the presentation should be original and not be previously presented or published elsewhere.