FULL TEXT TEMPLATE (Deadline: 01th of June 2020)

Only electronic submissions will be taken into consideration. You can submit your proceeding through online proceeding system step by step. You must first sign up to the system with a user name, which consists of your e-mail address, and a password. You can sign in afterwards. Proceedings which fail to follow proceeding form and guideline will not be taken into consideration. The admission of submitted proceedings will be announced after the assessment referees.

Submission Regulations

The deadline for submission is June 01, 2020

1. Submission can be made only through the electronic system. (www.taoms2020.org)
2. Turkish and English are the official languages of the convention. All the abstracts must be written in Turkish and English and the contents of the presentation should be specified.
3. Proceedings must be original and they shouldn't be published or presented in any other meeting before TAOMS 2020 Convention.
4. Authors agree to publish their abstracts in the conference book when they submit their proceedings to the convention's scientific committee.
5. It is the responsibility of the responsible author that the content of the proceeding is approved by all authors.
6. Taking author preferences into consideration, the proceedings will be admitted by the Scientific Committee of TAOMS 2020 either as an oral presentation or a poster presentation.
7. Oral presentations should be prepared as 8 minutes long presentation and 2 minutes long discussion (10 minutes).
8. Abstracts should include sections of "objective, methods, results, conclusions".
9. In the title, the first letter of each word must be capitalized while all the other letters must be lowercase. Name and surname information should be clear, no abbreviation should be used.
10. You will receive a notification e-mail from the system following your submission.
11. Only successful submissions will be taken into consideration by the referees and the drafts which are not uploaded correctly will be deleted from the system.
12. Authors will be informed with the admission or rejection of their abstracts after the submission deadline, through e-mail.

1. The best oral and poster presentation will be awared end of the Congress.
2. The presenter must be associate prof. or DUS asissitant and already mustn’t have any received prize.
3. The presentation must be original and have not previously presented and published.